Christmas 2009
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From Kennel Poodleidoo in Sweden
From Taija and her poodles in Finland
From Britt-Marie and Lipton in Sweden
From the Poodles of Loveley Children in Austria
From Kennel Z Nového Královstvě, Czech Republic
From Kennel from White Sensation in Germany
From Xavano Poodles in Hungary
From Kennel Xaivis in Belgium
From the Poodie-Woogie Poodles in Switzerland
From Kennel Ziethnereck in Germany
From Kennel Banzette, Czech Republic
From Ania and her poodles in Poland
From Andrea and Co in the Czech Republic
From Kennel Sugarpine´s in Denmark
From Kennel Falo-Way in Belgium
From Kennel Unno Jezve, Czech Republic
From Cimbria´s Poodles in Germany
From Kennel Sketch in Russia
From Ticianna Kennel in Russia
From Vericolor Poodles in Poland
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