Andrea Ernst


In 1973 my parents bought their first poodle, a black dwarf Poodle. They began to exhibit him at shows. Of course, I was always with them and fell in love with black Miniature Poodles. I was absolutely in awe with the size and colour. After long talks with my parents, I convinced them that we must have another Miniature Poodle in our household.  They purchased my first black Miniature Poodle in 1978 and with that, it all began!

I became a member in the Association of the German Poodle Friends or VDP in 1980.  In the same year I requested rights from the FCI to have the Kennel name “Vom Badener Rebland” protected.

In 1981 the first Miniature Poodles were born.

In the last twenty-five years my Poodles have had lots of successes in National and International Shows. So far, forty-one of them have become national and international Champions.


I have been a Poodle Judge since September 2002. Until 2005 I was only allowed to judge Poodles in Germany and after that also in other countries.

In 2006 I judged in Austria, Czech and Russia for the first time.  It is very interesting to judge Poodles in different countries. Where else do you have a first hand chance to see and touch Poodles in different sizes and colours?  It makes me very happy when I am allowed to judge beautiful Poodles. 

Where are my priorities in judging? 

Absolute priority is movement, carriage or posture, temperament and character. The movement of Poodles should be correct from the start, light and effortless with a good balance. The neck should have a nice length and the head should be proudly carried high.  He must have a strong presence, and be friendly, trustful and attentive. There is nothing more beautiful than when a Poodle reveals with his posture and his expression that the world is his.

Each dog is individual and not perfect.  As a judge I have to make the decision how much I can accept the degree of imperfection.

Andrea Ernst


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