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I have received my first poodle as a present from my pearents in the year 1967, but officially it was owned by my father.  It was white miniature bitch Iliria z Portorose. My life has been put together with poodles since that time. My father was very activ in „the poodle life“ and I was always in the events with him. Our Iliria was the first poodle from the czech breeding which got the title International champion.

When I finished the university in 1984 I had only one wish – to have a white miniature bitch which is really, really only mine. And my dream came true. It was the bitch Julischka vom Elfenberg – born June 4th, 1984, imported from Germany. This bitch founded the breeding in my kennel ARCANUS ILIRIA.

I imported the black miniature bitch Anita´s Jennifer in the year 1993 from Germany and the black miniature male Osmanthus Jazz in the year 1997 from Italy. I had only two litters of black miniature and now I am sure that my heart pulses for white colour of miniatures although the breeding of white is not simple. I am not a big breeder. 56 puppies have been born in my kennel since the year 1988 – 46 white and 10 black.

 We are only a small kennel, but not unsuccesful. We have breeded 3 black (Ganymédes, Chiapas, Chloé) and 6 white (Cloelia, Favonius, Ílós, Iulus, Iliria, Julischka) interchampions and multichampions. Cloelia was Res.CACIB from the world dog show in Valencia 1992. I have 2 black and 3 white males and 1 black and 5 white bitches at home in this moment, 4 of them are veterans now.

I have been president of the Czech club of poodlebreeders since the year 1994 and judge specialist for poodles since the year 1985. I have judged the poodles in Slovak, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Denmark, Belgium and of course in Czech.  

And what I prefer about poodles as judge? I prefer the poodles with excellent body, good balance, nice expression and elegant movement. I like poodles - aristocrats.


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